Lawn Care Services Available in Ogden, Utah

Landscape Maintenance

Proactive landscape maintenance enhances the value of your property. At Utah Lawn Service, our first step as your landscape maintenance contractor is to work with you to identify a complete lawn care program customized for your property. We offer a variety of yard care services that are tailored for your specific property. Our signature yard care service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Total Property Care

With our total property lawn care package, we’ll handle every detail of your landscape maintenance needs and keep your landscape looking its best. We’ll take care of your yard like it was our own. The total property yard care package is individually tailored to meet your lawn maintenance needs and any of our services can be included with the package. Here are the basic components of our total care package; weekly lawn mowing, debris removed after each service, our four stage fertilizer applied throughout the year, ornamental plants and flowers are meticulously treated and pruned as needed, and garden beds are kept neat and weeded weekly. If you're looking to enjoy your landscape without the day-to-day hassles of yard care, than this is the perfect solution!

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Our four stage fertilizer will help with lawn weed control. Grass fertilizer is applied four times throughout the year. In the spring we will include a pre-emergent with the fertilizer to help protect against hundreds of species of broad leaf weeds, including; crabgrass, clover and dandelions. During the summer the applications will include certain chemicals that will help protect against many of the insects that are harmful to the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Along with the weed control and insect control, these applications help protect your lawn against drought that is very common in Ogden, UT. And finally, in the winter, a winterizer will be applied to help your grass store up nutrients to protect itself from the heavy snowfalls common in Utah. Fertilizing lawn can be a rather difficult task. Let Utah Lawn Service take care of your fertilizer needs.

Lawn Aeration

We all put our lawns to good use and as a result our lawns get compacted. Because our lawns get compacted the grass roots don't receive all the nutrients and oxygen needed for full and healthy growth. Using an aerator Utah Lawn Service can aerate your lawn to help protect your lawn and ensure that your yard receives the essential nutrients it needs. Lawn aeration can be performed at anytime, but most people have their yards aerated in the early spring or late fall.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Spring and Fall clean-ups generally combine a variety of services that Utah Lawn Service offers. A typical yard clean up with include one or more of the following services: mowing an overgrown lawn, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, cleaning up neglected flowerbeds, cultivating soil in flowerbeds or garden areas, leaf removal, raking up other debris in your yard, picking up pine needles, removing fallen tree branches, removing rotten fruit from the lawn and more. As you can see a yard clean up is very specific to your landscape maintenance needs. Contact us today to get your custom quote.

Garden Design

Are you looking for landscaping architects to help you with your garden design? Maybe you’re looking for front yard landscaping. Utah Lawn Service is one of many landscaping companies in the Ogden area; however our service is second to none. Our attention to detail, well trained landscaping architects and portfolio of garden design sets us apart from the rest of the landscaping companies. Whether you are looking for front yard landscaping or landscaping for your entire property, look no further. Utah Lawn Service is here to help with all your landscaping needs.

Sprinkler Repair

Lawn irrigation is crucial to a beautiful green lawn. We specialize in irrigation maintenance, sprinkler maintenance and sprinkler repair. With all the snow we get in Ogden during the winter it is no wonder why there are so many sprinklers broken when the water is turned on in the spring. Utah Lawn Service can assist you with your sprinkler repair. We also offer spring sprinkler maintenance services to ensure your sprinkler system is working properly before the heat of the summer comes. In the fall, Utah Lawn Service can help winterize your sprinkler system and help protect against damaged pipes and sprinklers due to the cold winter weather.

Sprinkler Installation

Are you still out watering your lawn by hand? Tired of dragging the hoses around and making sure every spot of your yard gets watered adequately? Utah Lawn Service can install your residential sprinkler system or your commercial irrigation system. We have extensive knowledge and experience installing sprinklers in the Ogden area. With an automatic lawn irrigation system, you'll no longer have to worry about your lawn staying green; it will be done for you every day!

Ornamental Pruning

A little well-timed pruning goes a long way toward improving your landscape and protecting your investment. Proper shrub trimming, tree pruning and flower pruning promotes healthy growth in your plants. Your plants will grow fuller and have a more vibrant color when properly pruned. Our pruning services also help remove and protect your shrubs and plants against unwanted disease.

Snow Removal

Utah Lawn Service offers snow removal service to commercial and residential customers. Snow plowing is the most efficient way to remove snow from your commercial parking lot. We have the latest snow plow equipment to get the job done right. We've just experienced a few years of heavy snow fall in Ogden and our customers have been pleased with our timely arrival to remove their snow and the efficiency with which the snow is removed. If you’re looking for a qualified snow removal business to take care of the job quickly and efficiently then you've come to the right place. Christmas Light Installation Christmas light installation can be a frustrating and cold experience. With early snow falls and cold weather, putting up your Christmas lights in Ogden can be a very miserable experience. That's why Utah Lawn Service has professional Christmas light installers who have been trained to turn your landscape into a winter wonderland. We offer various Christmas light packages to meet your needs. We can provide Christmas lights and decorations or use your existing lights.We have a huge inventory of Christmas lights, extension cords, timers and other Christmas light installation necessities available for purchase, and we also offer "all inclusive" rental programs.

Tree Trimming

Each of our tree trimming crew members have been trained in shrubbery and tree trimming to assure the utmost respect and care is taken while working with some of your most valuable landscape assets. Our tree service includes tree trimming, fruit tree pruning, emergency after storm tree clean-up, tree removal, stump grinding and a variety of other tree services. We have tree professionals to handle any job you might require whether it is a tree in a dangerous location or just a small shrub needing to be removed. Utah Lawn Service is fully licensed and insured for all tree removal services.

Tree Removal/Stump Grinding

Do you have a stump sticking out in your yard from a tree that was previously removed? Utah Lawn Service provides tree stump removal services; we can remove any stump and will remove it 6-13 inches below the surface so you aren't left with any areas to mow around. We offer our stump grinding service as a separate service from our tree trimming services, but we can also remove your stump after cutting down a tree as well.

Based in Ogden, Utah, Utah Lawn Service - Ogden provides lawn care services to the following areas in Utah:

Utah Lawn Care Service Areas

  • Bountiful (84010)
  • Bluffdale (84065)
  • Centerville (84014)
  • Clearfield (84015, 84016)
  • Clinton (84015)
  • Cottonwood Heights (84047, 84093, 84121, 84171)
  • Davis County
  • Draper (84020)
  • Eden (84310)
  • Farmington (84025)
  • Farr West (84404)
  • Fruit Heights (84037)
  • Harrisville (84414)
  • Herriman (84065, 84096)
  • Holladay (84117, 84121, 84124)
  • Hill AFB (84056)
  • Hooper (84315)
  • Huntsville (84317)
  • Kaysville (84037)
  • Kearns (84118)
  • Layton (84040, 84041)
  • Liberty (84310)
  • Midvale (84047)
  • Morgan (84050)
  • Murray (84107, 84117, 84121, 84123, 84124, 84157)
  • North Ogden (84414)
  • North Salt Lake City (84054)
  • Ogden (84401, 84402, 84403, 84404, 84405, 84408, 84414)
  • Pleasant View (84414)
  • Riverdale (84405)
  • Riverton (84065, 84095, 84096)
  • Roy (84067)
  • Salt Lake City (84118, 84123)
  • Salt Lake County ()
  • Sandy (84070, 84090, 84091, 84092, 84093, 84094)
  • Sandy Jordan (84065, 84095)
  • South Ogden (84404, 84405)
  • South Salt Lake (84105, 84106, 84107, 84115, 84119, 84123, 84165, 84190)
  • South Weber (84405)
  • Sunset (84015)
  • Syracuse (84075)
  • Taylorsville (84084, 84118, 84119, 84123)
  • Tremonton (84337)
  • Uintah (84403, 84405)
  • Washington Terrace (84405)
  • Weber County ()
  • West Bountiful (84010, 84087)
  • West Jordan (84081, 84084, 84088)
  • West Point (84015)
  • West Valley Ciy (84118, 84119, 84120, 84128, 84170)
  • Woods Cross (84087)
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